Support and service

Adria Machine gives a huge support to his customers, in every step of his purchase process:

Our sales department is always to put on the table his skills to better advice the customer.

Financial instruments
Once decided the product that better suits the customer’s needs, ADRIA MACHINE gives an important support to choose the right financial instruments, with his administrative office always available for further informations.

ADRIA MACHINE can count on a skilled and expert team of technicians to provide fast technical assistance of every kind;: electrical, mechanic, electronic or spare parts order.


Our secret is to give constanstly support to our customers, through after-sales service, training and technical assistance, that for us are as important as the products quality to maintain a high level of reliability through the years. Our customer care is entrusted to a team that offers a huge preparation, to answer in real time to all kinds of requests. Professionalism, know-how and communication skills are main features for everyone who take part to our after-sales technical assistance service.